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13 Natural Remedies: Pregnancy/Nursing-Friendly Allergy Relief & Immunity Boosters

Cold season is heading out the door but I'm sure a lot of us are starting to struggle with some seasonal allergies, myself included! Here are some things that are pregnancy-friendly you can do to boost your immunity and alleviate allergies.

Seasonal Allergies

  • Netty pots, or a DIY: 1 cup distilled (it is very important not to use tap water to avoid entry of bacteria) water + 1 teaspoon salt

  • Local honey (my favorite way is added to a smoothie daily)

  • For nasal congestion: both eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils may be inhaled, but it is not recommended to ingest during pregnancy

  • 1 drop each of: organic lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oil + a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and rubbed on chest or diffused (diffuse just the essential oils in water, carrier oil not necessary). This one is my personal favorite and I carry it around with me in my pocket at work. I make a DIY roller ball from these ones on Amazon. Add 20 drops lavender, 20 drops peppermint, 20 drops lemon and fill the rest with a carrier oil.

    *NOTE: Peppermint EO is not safe for babies to inhale. I recommend using this roller ball with caution or avoid before/after nursing. Always avoid placing baby directly on chest where oils are being absorbed.

Immune Boosters:

  • Vitamin D (5,000-10,000iU daily). I have recently used this brand, because 1.) It is sublingual so it melts under the tongue and doesn't have much of a flavor, and 2.) It is super tiny!

  • 1,000mg-2,000mg of extra Vitamin C daily. I have always used Garden of Life's Raw Vitamin C, but I know there is a big question on quality now that Nestle bought them.

  • Elderberry syrup (homemade recipe or store bought; I like the Gaia brand at health food stores.) This has loads of Vitamin C in it!

  • Garlic (capsules or fresh). This is a natural antiviral and may alleviate respiratory symptoms. This one is great: odorless and tasteless. I choose the "cardiovascular" blend because it has ONLY garlic in the ingredients, whereas the "immunity" blend by this brand has some mushroom extracts-unsure of the safety during pregnancy. Do be cautious with the cardiovascular blend, because it has a tendency to lower blood pressure in some people.

  • Diffusing essential oils (avoid ingesting them while pregnant or nursing). A thieve's type blend is my go-to for illness.

  • Colloidal silver. Can spray in the nose for an antibacterial effect.

  • Bone broth 1-3 cups daily (I like to add a frozen slice of lemon to mine...Mmm. Also, GUT HEALTH, baby! It's where all our immunity starts.

  • Zinc

  • Probiotics (I recommend switching it up if you have been taking one consistently, the body tends to get used to a strain after a while)

  • Most importantly, hydrate with water, warm liquids, eat nutrient-dense real foods and R E S T :)

*Always consult your doctor or midwife about any new supplements or herbals*


What types of remedies have worked for your family this season?

Comment below <3

Wishing you wellness! Can't wait for this Spring sunshine to be full blast. 


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