Blooming Motherhood



It's time to unfold a beaming and nourished life with ease.

To rest your heart because you feel good about the foods you’re fueling your little with.

Optimize your baby’s brain development and immune system with nutrient-dense foods.

Reduce the risk of allergies, chronic illness, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, and behavioral problems.

Allow more time for your littles. Allow more rest.


How? Through my health nutritional coaching I will be crafting a personalized meal plan, grocery list, recipes, and an introduction timeline for your baby to start solids based on your baby's age, your food beliefs, and family history of allergies. This makes meal prepping easy, giving you more mental space, and ensures your babe gets all they need to stay happy and healthy.


My desire at Blooming Motherhood is to help you cultivate a nourished family, by integrating holistic living + ancient wisdom, and bring all this goodness into the hands of the modern mother.

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Hi, I'm Leah! RN, BSN, Holistic Nurse Coach

Your virtual “nurse on call” when it comes to integrating ancient wisdom and modern medicine.

Wife, mother of two, and your biggest advocate.

SERIOUSLY, you can do this, mama!

I’m an enneagram 8 meaning I’m bold, assertive, protective, and resourceful. When I’m kid-free, you will find me jamming in my car as loud as possible. Mariah Carey, The National, and Drake are always on repeat.

My nursing background is from both ends of the spectrum: Pediatric ICU and a birthing center with the most amazing midwives. I am a total foodie. I love cooking with what’s in my kitchen, straying from recipes, involving my 2.5 year old in preparing all our meals (even though it takes twice as long), and I hate to enjoy a meal alone.

I have a wild passion for helping moms experience motherhood in a life-giving way, from feeding their littles their first bites to making transitions towards functional health.

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Start here:

Free PDF Download- The 5 Readiness Signs for Starting Solids


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



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